[POPCULT] STAR WARS VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS Teaser Trailer, and How it affect the interwebz.

If you haven’t even heard any news about it or haven’t seen the trailer by now, well maybe it’s because lately you’re really tied up with work, so without realising it you automatically start to prioritise the type of news that you consume, you already trying hard to keep up with the current ones and the breaking ones, always stays updated for stuff that really matters such as what’s with this perfectly well balanced Fahrurrozi guy, the messenger sent by the lord almighty, well equipped with invisible katanas and uzis for his cronies, and have access and control to many types of cutting edges technologies sent directly from heaven that could help him successfully executes their sacred missions, to save the human race from extinction, fight poverty and find new ways to create clean energy and provide enough supply for the whole world. Well if that so, then it’s perfectly understandable.

But, it’s already been a week or so since the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens available for the people all around the world. The overall impact has been greater than that of any previous movie preview known to mankind. With total 43,024,601 views by the time i write down this post. So here’s the clip kids…

So well okay now, lets break it down.

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